United Legal Assistance to Support Fraud Prevention


Personal Injury and motor fraud in the UK is a big problem. United Legal are pleased to be working with a market leading fraud prevention consultancy firm to assist the firm with processes and procedures to prevent claims and motor fraud. MRB Consulting Ltd have 18 years experience in fraud prevention and a huge amount of industry knowledge and contacts, and have teamed up with United Legal aiming to be the market leading CMC in the UK.

MRB Consulting Ltd will be assisting United Legal maximise their own data usage and flagging mechanisms to prevent claims and vehicle hire fraud, via automated processes and staff training. We believe that through this joint initiative we will further streamline the business and ensure that we protect genuine customers.

Michael Black, MD at MRB Consulting Ltd: “I am delighted to be working with United Legal. Many CMCs in the UK can talk the talk, but lots do not walk the walk. Through this project I am confident that United Legal will be one of the most efficient and well-equipped firms in preventing and managing fraud in this arena.”

Gavin Hughes, Director, United Legal: “Although we have only been working with MRB Consulting Ltd for a short time, we instantly knew we had to tighten our existing processes to further protect our clients and business from fraud. We will be rolling out a number of measures to bolster our product offering, and are excited to be involved in this joint project. We hope the relationship sends out a clear message to the market and that United Legal aim to be one of the largest CMCs in the UK.”