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50,000 of legal costs

Access to 24-hour legal helpline of lawyers (not call centre staff)

Multiple Claims – Up to 2 claims are possible during the policy period

Management of the entire eviction process where a tenant is facing to pay

Removal of squatters in the property

Payment of all legal costs in resolving other tenancy breaches not leading to eviction

Active pursuit of rent arrears to avoid long and expensive eviction

Marketing Support – Full range of marketing support including printed leaflets and full training provided if needed

Payment of legal fees to defend the landlord in both criminal and civil courts

Why buy our Landlord Professional Fees?

Evicting a non-paying tenant is a complicated and expensive legal process, and that takes around three months on average. As the landlord will not be receiving rent during this period having immediate access to specialist lawyers is vital to ensure all procedures are carried out the first time and loss of income minimised. At this heart of the policy is around the clock helpline staffed exclusively by legally trained personnel who can offer advice and trigger the claims process.

How do we go one step further?

Unlike many policies in the market, ours is there to assist with breaches of the tenancy agreement that may not lead to an eviction. No Landlord wants to evict a tenant as this costs time and money, but legal assistance may often be required to resolve issues such as the tenant using the property for business purposes, not paying the council tax or keeping pets against the landlords wishes. The costs of legal assistance for all types of breach are covered with us up to 50,000 pounds.

And further still?

Unlike Many policies, ours includes cover for the active pursuit of rent arrears, so is not just an eviction policy. If we can help bring the rental payments back in line and avoid a lengthy and costly removal process, that will generally to the best result for the landlord (and the tenant).

Would you like more information about our Claims Management Service?

If you have any questions about our Claims Management service, our team would be more than happy to answer your questions. Simply get in touch today.



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