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Key Cover Insurance

Key protection has been designed to reduce the stress and worry of losing your keys, as well as the expense.
If you talk to anybody that has lost a set of keys, they will tell you how much frustration and worry it causes. If stolen it’s not long before feelings of panic and despair set in. Fortunately, in most cases, the missing keys have been either innocently lost, or, if in the results of casual crime, discarded. In both instances, we can help with our Key Cover protection.

What’s included?

Your policy excess

24 hour 365 days a year Nationwide coverage

Up to £1,000 + VAT per claim for any key lost or stolen for duration of the policy

Three days car hire (up to £40 + VAT per day) when stranded by the theft or loss of your vehicle keys

No Insurance excess to pay

12 months cover commencing from start date of policy

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