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Our Fleet Management Solution

Our fleet management solution has two primary aspects. Firstly, we try to reduce the frequency of motor accidents by working directly with each driver to make their driving safer and thereby minimise the occurrence of claims. Secondly, we try to reduce fleet claim costs by reducing time spent and expenditure associated with a road traffic accident.
We use a range of tools to identify high-risk drivers. We will then try to reduce driving risk by targetted training sessions. Our client’s claims experience is used both as an indicator of driving weaknesses as well as a measure of the success of our programs.
Often, we see a reduction in both claims and insurance as a joint initiative within our client’s fleet management function.

We will help fleets by improving:

Your claims experience and consequently your insurance renewal negotiation

Time spent by drivers and internal departments administrating claims and producing reports

Your ability to comply with the duty of care responsibilities and the reduction of potential liabilities

Your ability to monitor, control and reduce costs associated with motor claims

We will help insurance brokers who deal with motor fleets by improving:

Client retention and new conquest fleet business

Terms with Insurers through evidence-based loss ratio improvement

Your competitive edge by broadening your range of services

The way you can respond more efficiently to distressed fleets

Your ability to advise and deliver effective road risk reduction

Gross income through additional and vital fleet risk services

Internal knowledge of an area intimately associated with the core business

Would you like more information about our Claims Management Service?

If you have any questions about our Claims Management service, our team would be more than happy to answer your questions. Simply get in touch today.

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James Brown – Managing Director

“Having been an Insurance Broker for over 30 years, I can honestly say that the service & professionalism provided by United Legal Assistance is second to none. I would strongly recommend them to anyone.”

Chris Breeze – CEO

“After experiencing numerous issues with previous providers of motor legal expenses policies, we decided to change to United Legal Assistance in September 2014. During this time, the whole team has provided an exceptional service, as well as an innovative approach to our clients and companies needs. ULA are polite, professional and efficient in their dealing.”

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